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Sharing about Hope Youth Corps in Philadelphia - August 2017 (download)
Teen and Student Led Service_2 Hope Worldwide in Philadelphia focuses on community service and mentoring to low-income families, past addicts and homeless. They did group evangelism which is one of her favorite part. To share their faith and bond with each other at the same time. She learned the importance of loving people, a love that comes from God. To step out of faith and to say 'yes' to experience. And let God lead.
Isabel Johnson, 08/10/2017
Caleb Requests his Land (download)
Joshua 14 - Caleb is 85 years old says, 'Give me this mountain that the Lord promised me.' Five qualities of Joshua that we can immitate - Commitment, Camaraderie, Conviction, Confidence and Courage What is our attitude about sin and forgiveness? God forgives and we have freedom through Jesus Christ. Loving God means keeping His commandments and his commandments are not burdensome.
Brian Miller, 24/09/2017
God Made the Inside as well as the Outside (download)
Luke 11:41 says, 'Clean the inside..' Let's reflect on ourselves by cleaning what's in the inside. Through our quiet times, reading the bible.. that's our act of spiritual washing. Clean the inside of any hatred, have one-on-one discussion with somebody. And be open about our failures. God is genuinely concern on what is in the inside. Do not neglect a loving God.
Andy Ezeilo-East London Church, 17/09/2017
Grace Sufficient in Weakness / Questions about Christianity and Faith (download)
Teen and Student Led Service_2 (Sharing about London Conference and Reboot - Youth Apologetic Conference 2017) The theme of London conference is grace. The grace of suffering connects us with God and calls us to examine ourselves. Are you proclaiming Christ by how you respond to your challenges? Or do you get focused on yourself when you're hurt? Apologetic questions - Reboot conference 1. If God is good, why is there suffering? 2. Has the design disprove God? 2. The Resurrection - true or false
Isaiah and Tolu Soboyejo, 08/10/2017
The Word Become Flesh (download)
John 1:1 'In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God'. How can the word BE God and WITH God? The world did not recognise Him. The world did not receive Him. How do we recognise God, how do we receive Him? Quote by C.S. Lewis The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God. The purpose of the book: So that you may continue to believe, that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you will have life by the power of his name.
Steve Wright- San Diego Church, 01/10/2017
Sharing about Hope Youth Corps in Zambia - August 2017 (download)
Teen and Student Led Service_1 To have the eyes to see the needs and heart to respond. To have a mindset of a servant and to maintain that heart. There are more opportunity to give than to receive. We need to be servant in our household first. To see how privileged and lucky we are. What can we do to help? What better way to glorify God and allow God to use us. Leadership is serving and bringing people with us. Make our weaknesses an opportunity to grow and glorify God.
Matthew and Joana Kendall, 10/09/2017
Eagerness to Seek, Grow and Serve (download)
Teen and Student Led Service_1 (Hope Youth Corps - Medical Mission in Cambodia last Aug 2017) Isaiah 55 says 'Come those who are thirsty..' This invitation is for those who are thirsty, those who are desperate and dehydrated. In reality, we're all thirsty, we all need water. But we need to recognise it first. In terms of acts of service, are we shying-away? When was the last time we initiated? And when asked, how do we respond? Do we feel not ready or fearful? So what is stopping us?
Bobola Apampa, 10/09/2017
Impress the Love of God to Your Children / Holding on to One Another (download)
1. God stressed the importance that parents need to impress the love of God to their children. Parents are the key to bringing children to God. Our first ministry is our family/household. 2. We need to hold on to one another as a church. Serve and help each other. God sees all our sacrifices.
Archie Kendall / Mike Sanchez, 29/01/2017
Let the Beatitudes be our attitudes. (download)
Jesus describes the blessings of a godly attitude. It's all about God's grace because we don't deserve anything. God wants us to be mature and righteous.
Brian Miller, 22/01/2017
Be Careful (download)
Be careful through the good times and the bad times. We can falter in our Christianity both when we are on top or when we are down.
Archie Kendall, 04/12/2016
Israel Pilgrimage Experience (download)
Brian Miller shares about their experiences on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Brian Miller, 20/11/2016
Remember Who We Are and Remember Who You Are (download)
We need to remember who we are. Devote ourselves to God and Prayer. We are a Royal Priesthood. We are special in the eyes of God regardless of our circumstances.
Archie Kendall, 13/11/2016
Ellijah's Victory at Mt. Carmel: Standing-up for the truth (download)
As Christians, we need to stand-up for the truth even though the current customs and people around us believe otherwise
Brian Miller, 06/11/2016
Divine Humility (download)
Humility is the basis of Christian life. It is the most valuable ingredient in a relationship. A community that grasps humility and service to one another will be a loving community.
Andy Boakye, 30/10/2016
God looks at Our Hearts (download)
God looks at Our Hearts
Brian Miller, 10/07/2016
Unity in the Church (download)
Unity in the Church. A sermon taken from the Book of Ephesians.
Andy Boakye, 25/09/2016
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Communion Messages

The Lord's Prayer (download)
Matthew 6:9 - This is one of Aunty Daisy's favorite scripture. Happy 88th Bday!! Jesus left us with this prayer. He left us with the ability to pray to our Father in heaven, our 'Abba'. To have the intimacy with God. He also left us the ability to forgive those who sinned against us, ability to let go of past hurts and pains. To have inner most strength and ability to resist sin. Jesus is the bread of life. He not only gave his life for us but also He taught us how to pray.
Archie Kendall, 24/09/2017
Jesus, the True Vine (download)
John 15 , Jesus says, 'I am the true vine..' To remain in Christ requires action and effort. We need each other to help us. What are the benefits if we remain in Christ? Pick one and meditate on it - peace, no condemnation, reconciliation, enrich in every way, victory, freedom, all blessings in spiritual realms... all things are created in Christ, He died so we can be made holy, grace even before the beginning of time and so on. Are you still excited with your walk with God?
David Reynolds, 10/09/2017
To be Right with God, through Faith in Christ (download)
Galatians 2:16 We can't be saved by keeping the law; we're all corrupted by sins. Our service and good deeds are not substitute for faith. When we're crucified in Christ, we're also raised with Him in His resurrection. We are not alone, Christ is our power and hope for the future.
Yorel Blackwood, 08/10/2017
The Walk to Emmaus (download)
Luke 24:28-34 The disciples didn't recognise Jesus. How many times in our lives we didn't recognise Jesus in our lives. After Jesus broke the bread with them, they started to recognise Him and their eyes were open. They said to each other, 'Didn't our hearts burn within us..?' Let our eyes be open to the fact that Jesus is right there with us now.
Jason - West London Church, 01/10/2017
The Crucifixion (download)
Matthew 27. This is the time, when we think about what Jesus did for us in the cross. Jesus gone through so much pain, so our sins will be forgiven. He did it all, so we can all have our relationship with God.
Jonathan Reynolds, 10/09/2017
The Debt of Sin (download)
To ask God with respect. Understanding that we that we are in His debt. As Christians, we should also continue to pay the debt of love for each other.
Chris Yates, 22/01/2017
Israel Pilgrimage Experience (download)
Rick and Linda Mobbs shares their experience in their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And how they were moved when they visited the Garden of Gethsemane.
Rick and Linda Mobbs, 20/11/2016
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This is the link to the archive of past Sermons and Communion Messages



3rd March 2016 Sunday Service

Announcements: Brian Miller
Communion: James May
Sermon: Andy Boakye

28th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Rob Oddy
Sermon: Andy Boakye

21st June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Pete Anti
Communion: Bola Soboyejo
Sermon: Bruce Miller

13th and 14th June Marriage and Parenting Classes

Marriage: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak 
Parenting: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak

14th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Kenny
Communion: Bruce Miller
Sermon: Andy Agerbak

7th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Levi
Sermon: Brian Miller

31st May Sunday Service

Annoucements: Paul Taylor
Communion: Bruce Miller
Testimony: Nikas

17th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Mr. Bola Soboyejo
Sermon: Bruce Milller  

10th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Pete Anti
Communion: Michael Sanchez
Sermon: Andy Boakye

3rd May Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bola Soboyejo
Communion: Ayo Apampa
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Peace"

26th April Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Jacob Taylor
Sermon: Archie Kendal

19th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion: Levi Kaganowich "The Magnitude Of Jesus"
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Heroes"

12th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Communion: Pete Anti "Loving your Enemies"
Sermon: Brian Miller "Seeing The Big Picture"

5th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion/Sermon: Bruce Miller "The Resurrection"

29th March 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller 
Communion: Andy Boakye "Grace"
Sermon: Rob Oddy and Paul Taylor "Fullness of Life"

21st March 2015 Like Clay In The Hand Of The Potter Women's Discussion:

Lesson: Tammy Flemming and Chidz.
Recording of the entire Day:

Malcolm Cox, Deuteronomy Workshop:

Class 1: Details of The Book of Deuteronomy.
Class 2: Choose To Learn.
Class 3: Choose To Trust.
Class 4: Choose To Study.
Class 5: Choose To Worship.

Class by Scott and Lynn Green:


Andy Boakye:

Lesson: Hebrews 11.

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