Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids is the name for our children's classes. The structure and format basically follow the school year age groups with classes tailored to the age of the children and the numbers we have in each age group. Each group has its own classroom in our building.


Currently, we have the following classes every Sunday:

  • Reception and Yr 1 
  • School years 2 and 3 
  • School years 4, 5 and 6 

The Church follows a Sunday school curriculum developed in-house.  We mix fun and learning God's words.?




Most weeks the younger classes begin with singing and the children are taught a lesson from the bible followed by related crafts and games to the theme of the lesson.


As the years progress children are trained to read the bibles themselves and be able to discuss the practical implications of the scriptures for their lives with the goal of training them to have their own relationship with God which is personal and meaningful (not just following their parents) and be able to become disciples as they head into the teen years.

The Church also provides a pre-teen class for the young teens.


Kingdom Kids is overseen by KB and Mumba Kalufa.