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Guard the Gospel, lesson 3: "The Word of God" (download)
Next in our series on the basic tenets of the Christian Faith Is the "Word of God" study.
Chris Broom, 17/03/2019
Guard The Gospel lesson 2: "Seeking God" (download)
Today, we continue our series on the basic tenents of the Christian Faith, with a brief introduction on how to approach studying the Bible with someone and then we address the topic of "Seeking God".
Chris Broom, 10/03/2019
Guard the Gospel lesson 1: "Knowing Jesus" (download)
Join us today and for the next few weeks as we share a series called "Guard the Gospel." In it, we will discuss the basic tenets of the Christian Faith. Today we begin with... Jesus.
Chris Broom, 03/03/2019
4 Stages of Faith (download)
Join us today as we discuss the natural growth stages of faith. From Chaos to Conformity to Questioning to Conviction! We will strive to paint a clear picture of the world, the religious world and true men and women of faith!
Chris Broom, 24/02/2019
The Lord is my Shepherd, part 5: Grateful for His Goodness (download)
This week we finish our study of the 23rd Psalm. We will discuss the heart of Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." And we will talk about the amazing trail of goodness and love we leave behind when we do live according to that purpose!
Chris Broom, 17/02/2019
Truth be Told (download)
Jesus was true through and through. The truth hurts. The truth will set you free.
Brian Miller, 10/02/2019
Biblical Training (download)
Training for godliness. Training for maturity. Training for harvest of righteousness and peace. Training for war.
Mark Astil and Alan Ashcroft, 03/02/2019
Life Questions (download)
Archie Kendall, 27/01/2019
The Lord is my Shepherd, part 4: Transformed by His Training (download)
This week we continue our study of the 23rd Psalm. We will discuss the battle that goes on in our minds due to the corruption of the world and our own evil desires, and how God can help us overcome through His Word and His Spirit!
Chris Broom, 20/01/2019
The Lord is my shepherd, part 3: Protected By His Power (download)
This week we continue our study of 23rd Psalm. We will discuss how we are comforted by "His Rod and His Staff", as we continue learning about our Great Shepherd's love for us!
Chris Broom, 13/01/2019
The Lord is my Shepherd, part 2: Led by His Love (download)
This week we continue our study of the 23rd Psalm. We will discuss "practicing the presence of God" and learning to trust Him and make the right choices to walk in "Paths of Righteousness." #TrustOrBust
Chris Broom, 06/01/2019
The Lord is my Shepherd, part 1: Content in His Care (download)
Join us over the next three weeks as we study the 23rd Psalm and focus our attention on our great God and all that He does to care for us, lead us and protect us!
Chris Broom, 30/12/2018
Instead of asking ourselves what we want for Christmas this year, perhaps the question we should be asking is, "what does God want for Christmas?". I believe he would say "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU". Let's give God our whole hearts and enjoy all "He" is as we celebrate Jesus' birth!
Chris Broom, 16/12/2018
How to be equipped for God's work (download)
Living a courageous life through prayer allows us to live courageous lives for God.
Brian Miller, 09/12/2018
It is not about you (download)
Archie looks at Daniel and his humility.
Archie Kendal, 02/12/2018
The Attitude of Gratitude (download)
Gratitude is not just the quality of being thankful; but the readiness to show appreciation and to return kindness. If you learn this lesson, it will change your life! It’s a free gift you can re-gift this Holiday Season!
Chris Broom, 25/11/2018
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Communion Messages

Life is not Certain (download)
Brian considers recent events, the uncertainty of life and how our salvation comes from God alone.
Brian Miller, 17/03/2019
Incredible Change (download)
Steve shares his insights about how a deeper understanding of the cross can change us.
Steve Wright, 10/03/2019
Indescribable Pain Imeasurable Grace (download)
James describes in detail the pain Jesus went through and the grace he afforded us.
James , 03/03/2019
Communion (download)
Kenny reads Act 10 as we think about those in need as we consider the cross.
Kenny Onasanya, 24/02/2019
Communion (download)
Kenny gives us his thoughts about the communion
Kenny Onasanya, 17/02/2019
Heart and Minds Transformed (download)
Are our hearts and minds transformed by the cross and how they can be.
Pete Anti, 10/02/2019
Learning from depression. (download)
David relates his experience of depression to the cross.
David Reynolds, 03/02/2019
Communion (download)
Elleen Okotie, 27/01/2019
Communion (download)
Kenny Onasanya , 20/01/2019
Communion (download)
Alan shares a very moving experience of persecution, justice and forgiveness.
Alan Horrocks, 13/01/2019
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