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We Are The Light (download)
2 Cor 4:1 says, "... through God's mercy, we have this ministry, we do not lose heart". So many in the world lose heart, so many in the church lose heart. Our life now has a purpose and we want to help other people, that have lost heart. Let your light shine out of darkness, may His light shine on us. We have a second chance and a purpose to live.
Chris Broom, 10/06/2018
The Ministry of Jesus (download)
Jesus came down as a flesh. He is the bread of life, He is the light of the world; in a dark, dark place. And He came full of grace and truth. Some refused to love the truth and so be saved. Things can change and things can change quickly, but they won't change by themselves it takes a concerted effort to do it. Be the change you want to see in the world; be the change you want to see in the church. Model it, proclaim it and call others to follow it.
Chris Broom, 10/06/2018
Mortals, Join the Mighty Chorus (download)
"Joyful, joyful we adore thee... hearts unfold like flowers before thee" - Creation has something to say...and Bible has something to say. The Bible is the Spirit of God in written form and it brings forgiveness and healing. Our job is to scatter the seeds. With the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can be His people, His very own...eager to do what is good.
Chris Broom, 20/05/2018
Seek First His Kingdom (download)
One thing is important - seek first His kingdom and all these things will be added to you as well. Why didn't God make it much easier? What we seek determines who we are. It's not enough only to seek God but to seek Him first! Apply the very basic thing, seek Him and He will be found by you. Value things that God values. God is moving every day, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Archie Kendall, 13/05/2018
God's Amazing Grace (download)
God chooses to bless us rather than punish us, as our sins deserve. Justified - just as if I'd never sinned. Christ cloth us in perfection! Our life is now hidden in Christ. God didn't saw our sins because He saw Christ -- just as if we've never sinned. The grace of God that saves us makes us strong, makes us feel more secure... the grace of God must fill this church, and it will fill this church if it fills in each one of us.
Chris Broom, 06/05/2018
You Reap What You Sow (download)
No sowing without going...No reaping without weeping. When was the last time you cried for someone else? When was the last time we pour our heart into people; pour out deepest things? Bible and God open our hearts. We got to feel deeply, as Jesus did. 1. Pray everyday 2. Plant everyday 3. Water everyday 4. Let's party while we wait!
Chris Broom, 29/04/2018
Love, Loyalty and Long Suffering (download)
"When Jesus saw the crowd, He had a compassion on them..." That's why Jesus leave everything in heaven so that He could be with us. He saw that the world is harassed and helpless. He wanted to be our Shepherd. We got a lot of work to do. A lot of mistakes happen, but we can't allow our hearts grow cold. It's a call for unity, not uniformity. It takes one person, one family, one city at a time. Let's go and evangelise the world!
Chris Broom, 08/04/2018
Imitate Daniel (download)
Are we open and honest with our spouse, family or friends? Are we completely humble... are we willing to say 'I was wrong'? In our daily decisions, are we willing to have biblical conversations or trying to avoid it? We need real relationships. Let's imitate Daniel's righteousness and motivation and have incredible victories!
Brian Miller, 25/03/2018
Devoted To Fellowship (download)
As a church, we can help each other out; we can give each other advice on how we can progress. As we draw closer to God, we can draw closer to each other. It is impossible to get close to God and not having good relationship with each other. If we get close to Jesus we can be renewed day by day towards faith, hope, and love. Let's spur one another towards love and good deeds and let us think on how we can encourage one another.
Archie Kendall, 11/03/2018
Unity in the Body of Christ (download)
Jesus prays for all believers. John 17:20b says, "I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message". What divides us? We're often divided by our opinions. Our challenge every day is to have unity in the body of Christ, we need to be peacemakers. Unity is very important, Jesus is the head of the body, the church. We're all part of God's church universal. Jesus died for all of us, so let us fulfill Jesus' prayer. We're not in competition. Teamwork will make the dream work.
Chris Broom, 04/03/2018
The Essence of Christianity (download)
The power of God is in His scriptures. Jesus calls us to love God: 1. with all your heart - love God with all our emotions. 2. with all your soul - we need brothers and sisters to remind us to feed our souls. 3. with all your mind - God exists. The greatest proof is the 11 disciples and the proof of our lives. 4. with all your strength - find yourself to serve; stop being a taker; be a giver. Help us to take part to change the world.
Chris Broom, 25/02/2018
We're All Just Walking Each Other Home (download)
Heb. 2:14 says, " the Son also became flesh and blood..." What is our humble response? We have the cure that will bring us to eternity. The real vision is getting home. Jesus came to free us; even fear of death. All that matter on that day is, do we get in?... and when we turn around, who's come with us? Anyway, we're all walking each other going home.
Chris Broom, 18/02/2018
Love Is The Answer (download)
The heart of Christianity is 'Love God, love people'. Love is more than a feeling, it requires sacrifice. Love is a commitment. Are we ready to love? When we fail, how good are we in apologising? How can we respond according to love? Love never fails. Perfect love drive out fears. Let us continue to love one another.
Chris Broom, 11/02/2018
Give Up Your Agenda (download)
1. Discerning the voice of God 2. Devote yourself to be student of Jesus Christ 3. Commit yourself to finding the work God has for us. We become deaf with the voice of God. Whatever the burden in our discipleship, go back to our knees and listen to God's voice. Let's give up our agenda and believe in the good news. Accept that Jesus has the true road map. To become a serious student of Jesus -- Jesus has to be the template. The model of who God wants us to be is Jesus.
Andy Boakye, 04/02/2018
Anchor in Jesus (download)
Heb 2:1 says, 'So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard'... Sometimes we drift, as we live by sight. We become lukewarm. What about our prayer times? Be careful not to drift away. We have an anchor to our soul, let's anchor to Jesus and continue hanging on and He will pull from there.
Archie Kendall, 21/01/2018
The Gospel of Peace (download)
In order to have peace we must first deal with wickedness. Satan is a roaring lion. What does it take to have a strong kingdom ? God doesn't want division. God's household shouldn't have division. We are called to love one another. Putting on the full armor of God. We know that we are in spiritual battle but we have a God of peace, Let's be ready to tell others about the peace that passes understanding.
Chris Broom, 28/01/2018
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Communion Messages

The Cross: Live Your Life Worthy of It (download)
Jesus' death was freely given, there was no condition on it. It doesn't tell us to earn it, but it does tell to examine ourselves. Have we lived the worthy week this week? Let's live a worthy life, knowing what Jesus has done for us.
Paul Taylor, 10/06/2018
Without Gratitude There's No Joy (download)
We put our confidence in God and not on what the world tells us. We do take things for granted, but God let us know that He wants to be in our lives. When we are really grateful-- for our health, for our family, for our friends, then we started to value those things rather than watching the things in this world; and with that in mind, we just go to God.
Brian Lowry, 03/06/2018
What Do You Smell Like to God? (download)
Have you ever thought of how you smell like to God? Is it the sweet scent or the disgusting smell? Let us remember that Christ leads us to a triumphal procession... that Christ is proud to present us to God as His aroma and that God is pleased to accept us because of Christ's sacrifice.
Dave and Allison Reynolds, 20/05/2018
A City Condemn and Prophesy Fulfilled (download)
Jesus' prophesy and the destruction of Jerusalem. Titus destroy's Jerusalem. Jesus also prophesied that He is coming soon. In the hour of darkness, you are powerless but the God who loves you is not. The love of Christ should compel us to do the right thing. Are you still moved by the cross of Christ? Are you ready for the Lord's return? Be always on the watch... so we work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
Kenny Onasanya, 13/05/2018
Focus on Being Thankful (download)
Thankfulness and gratitude show our maturity in our walk with the Lord. Being thankful should be regular and constant in our lives. We are told to be thankful. Accident or bad things happen so it can serve as a catalyst for us to change. So there's a reason for everything and we are thankful for everything.
Bola Soboyejo, 06/05/2018
Understanding the Cross (download)
Jesus was flogged, slapped and spat on... Are we grateful for the cross? Do we think about what Jesus did for us, on a personal level? Jesus separated from His Father for us. Let's thank God for thinking us worthy of His Son's blood.
Sam Leigh (Leeds Church), 29/04/2018
A Remembrance Cross (download)
How do we connect to God? -- Do you remember the cross when you have issues? Will you remember to read your bible? Will you remember to pray?
Ayo Apampa, 08/04/2018
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This is the link to the archive of past Sermons and Communion Messages



3rd March 2016 Sunday Service

Announcements: Brian Miller
Communion: James May
Sermon: Andy Boakye

28th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Rob Oddy
Sermon: Andy Boakye

21st June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Pete Anti
Communion: Bola Soboyejo
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13th and 14th June Marriage and Parenting Classes

Marriage: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak 
Parenting: Andy and Rhoda Agerbak

14th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Kenny
Communion: Bruce Miller
Sermon: Andy Agerbak

7th June Sunday Service

Annoucements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Levi
Sermon: Brian Miller

31st May Sunday Service

Annoucements: Paul Taylor
Communion: Bruce Miller
Testimony: Nikas

17th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Mr. Bola Soboyejo
Sermon: Bruce Milller  

10th May Sunday Service

Announcements: Pete Anti
Communion: Michael Sanchez
Sermon: Andy Boakye

3rd May Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bola Soboyejo
Communion: Ayo Apampa
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Peace"

26th April Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller
Communion: Jacob Taylor
Sermon: Archie Kendal

19th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion: Levi Kaganowich "The Magnitude Of Jesus"
Sermon: Bruce Miller "Heroes"

12th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Communion: Pete Anti "Loving your Enemies"
Sermon: Brian Miller "Seeing The Big Picture"

5th April 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Kenny Onasanya
Communion/Sermon: Bruce Miller "The Resurrection"

29th March 2015 Sunday Service:

Announcements: Bruce Miller 
Communion: Andy Boakye "Grace"
Sermon: Rob Oddy and Paul Taylor "Fullness of Life"

21st March 2015 Like Clay In The Hand Of The Potter Women's Discussion:

Lesson: Tammy Flemming and Chidz.
Recording of the entire Day:

Malcolm Cox, Deuteronomy Workshop:

Class 1: Details of The Book of Deuteronomy.
Class 2: Choose To Learn.
Class 3: Choose To Trust.
Class 4: Choose To Study.
Class 5: Choose To Worship.

Class by Scott and Lynn Green:


Andy Boakye:

Lesson: Hebrews 11.

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